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    1. NAB SHOW

      Date: 2016.4.18-4.21

      Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center

      Booth No.: Central hall C8139

Company Profile

Ruige is a trusted HD LCD monitor and viewfinder supplier in China. When it comes to television and film, a variety of field monitors, jib monitors and accessories are necessary. In order to meet those requirements, Ruige supplies desktop monitors, camera-top monitors, rackmount monitors, carry-on monitors, and viewfinders for professional photographers, videographers, and camera operators. Lightweight and easy to install, these products can be used as broadcast monitors, video monitors, or audio monitors.

    1. Camera-Top Field Monitor, TL-701HD/NP

      It also exclusively features a dual-purpose function key, and a knob rotary switch, which caters to user preferences and provides a faster and more convenient operation.

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    1. Camera-Top Field Monitor, TL-701HDA

      This camcorder monitor not only has A+ grade LCD panels with a high resolution and wide viewing angle, but it also comes with three patented technologies and multiple functions.

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    1. Rackmount Monitor, TLS480HD-4

      Ruige's TLS480HD-4 rackmount monitor has an LCD panel specially tailored by the South Korean Samsung Company, with a wide color range and a broad viewing angle.

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    1. Rackmount Monitor , TL-B1730HD

      The focus assist function of our production monitor allows the camera operator and the focus puller to focus under colorful or black and white conditions at will.

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    1. Desktop Monitor, TL-P2150HD

      Equipped with high level and comprehensive functions while maintaining its stability, practicality and low cost, this cost-effective desktop monitor is popular among professionals in the film.

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    1. Desktop Monitor, B2400HD

      The TL-B2400HD broadcasting monitor uses an A+ IPS panel with a wider color range to ensure a true color representation of the REC709 standards with a built in 3D LUT (color look up table).

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    1. Carry-on Monitor, TL1730HDA-CO

      This portable monitor has a video/audio controller embedded in the control panel. If you press the OPEN key, the video/audio controller will automatically lift at a 90 degree angle for easy access.

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    1. Jib Monitor, TL-1040YHD

      As it allows camera operators to focus in long distances and under strong sunlight, it was quickly put into use by China Central Television as well as provincial and municipal TV stations.

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